SMD has participated in the Cevisama Indi 2010 competition, organized by Cevisama, the international trade fair for architectural ceramics, held in Valencia. The competition was about designing a ceramic product that can be fabricated with the traditional ceramic extrusion technique.

The work was presented to the competition under the name Urban Roll. Our proposal was to design a ceramic system for making urban furniture. The system was composed by a series of ceramic tubes that were attached to some metal ribs. The ribs will guide the tubes into the form that the designer wants to accomplish, alowing almost infinite designs as the ribs are fabricated in purpose for the project.

We had in mind that we really need to undersatand the geometry of each tube for being able to propose new forms. A catalog study was created to demonstrate the number of angles and the amount of lenghts needed.


The assembly was quite easy, each tube will incorporate a threaded rod that would connect to the next tube. For the ribs we proposed a steel structure, due it has to be outside 24/7 and will give the stiffness needed for a piece of furniture. You would need a rib for every three ceramic pieces because of the weakness of the ceramic. For making this tubes a little more resistant, the thick of the wall was 25mm.

The urban intervention had also a very interesting approach, with this system we could design a pavement that suddenly becames a bench and after all, a canopy that make shadows just above the bench. The system posibilities were quite surprising.