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Oriol Carrasco’s PFC

Oriol has finally presented his PFC (Architecture dissertation) at the Final PFC presentation at EsArq UIC, held a few days ago in the UIC facilities.

At the end of the day, the jury, directed by Vicenç Sarrablo and with Fernando Menis as special jury guest, gave to Oriol the qualification of 10/10. According to the jury, was the project best understood of all presented during the day and was very well presented, making clear all the points of the project and remarking all the strong decisions made. Furthermore, the jury stated that this project was the best defined about the constructive systems and details.

Summarizing a little bit the project, the main concept was to design a place that had two different uses, half a year would be an experimentation lab about food for Ferran Adrià and the other half of the year would be a TV studio for kitchen tv shows.

All the project (including the shape) is based in the analysis of the text La vie, mode d’emploi from Georges Perec. The chapter chosen was the history about a family and the family trips they realize. That’s why the first image is a diagram of the text that relates trips with people and years. After having the text transcribed into lines Oriol started working on a 3D surface that would define the shape of the building.

Finally, this 3D form became part of the building as corridors and distributors connected to some boxes that will held inside all the areas of the project.


The project was tutored by Antonio Sanmartín and Marc Camallonga




































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