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One Sheet One Body Workshop

SMD will be teaching in the One sheet, One body Workshop that the authorized Rhino FabLab mEdio design is organizing, the next November 2011.

In this workshop, paticipants will get an introduction into digital design and digital fabrication, understanding the design process and the workflow needed to switch between digital to material. The intention of the workshop is to create a light structure that can support your own weight with the condition of using only one sheet of plywood. The workshop is addressed to architects, interior designers and designers.

The first part of the course, students will learn Rhinoceros 4.0 and RhinoCAM while they learn how to design inside Rhino. Students will take basic training in Rhino and basic training in RhinoCAM.  All the design process will be guided and assisted by the tutors.

The second part of the course will be completely practical, we will fabricate all the designs using a CNC Milling Machine. The students will learn how to program the machine and all machine-related stuff needed to get things done.

Yesterday we wrapped up the One Sheet One body Workshop at the Rhino FabLab Medio Design. We have been working quite hard for the last two weekends, the first one on learning the tools and start designing and the second continuing with the desing and the fabrication of the projects. As closing event, participants had sit on their designs and test if they could support their own weight.

The results have been wonderful, with a lot of new solutions that we haven’t seen yet a full set of new thoughts that will be very useful for future projects. Keep on working!

Congratulations to all participants!

More pictures can be seen in the facebook album of the workshop.

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