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Creative Writing Magic

Creative Writing Magic
Reconnect with your essence, write with ease and joy.

How would you like to reconnect with your creative essence, the source of all that is fun and inspirational, and write with ease and joy? To get into the creative flow and breathe colour, music and fragrance back into your writing and your life?

Creative Writing Magic is a writing workshop specially designed to open up your own magical door back into the wondrous world of imagination you left behind with your childhood.

In this safe and supportive space, published author Valerie will teach you simple but powerful tools to tap into your inner treasurehouse and bring it into expression in the world.

You will walk away with a new sense of possibility, heightened awareness and a set of tools and practices you can turn to whenever you want to tap into the magic.

Valerie Collins has been writing fiction and non fiction for over 20 years and has led workshops and mentored new writers for the last ten years. She holds a BA degree in Classics from the University of Cambridge and is co-author of the popular book about Spain ‘In The Garlic’. Her workshops in cosmopolitan Barcelona are attended by people of diverse nationalities and backgrounds seeking to develop their creativity and writing skills. Many of Valerie’s short stories have been published and several have won awards, most recently ‘Hotel Catatonia’, which was highly commended in the 2017 Victoria Literary Festival Story competition. She is currently putting the final touches to a novel.

Teacher: Valerie Collins.
Language: English.
Schedule: Saturday 10 February 2018, 10am to 6 pm (with coffee and lunch breaks).
Place: SMD lab, c/Lepant 242 Local 11, 08013 Barcelona
More info:

Single price mode 97€

*** The reservation is made once the payment is made.
***Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation, low or no attendance by the participant, the organization reserves 20% of the cost of registration as a management fee.

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